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Emerging enterprise Axsys Projects supports transformation

With regard to transformation initiatives, Axsys Projects has chosen the Go for Gold programme as its socio-economic development initiative and in 2018 was supporting Bafana Mabuza,… [read more]

Axsys Projects aspires to growth in challenging economic climate

The relationship between Stefanutti Stocks and black-woman owned construction company Axsys Projects began in 2012, just one year after Halga Ninow-Cohen established the company in 2011…. [read more]

Stefanutti Stocks partners with black-owned emerging construction enterprise

Source: Charles Wright, Stefanutti Stocks enterprise development director The key objective of the Voluntary Rebuild Programme (VRP) is to transform the South African construction industry by… [read more]

Stefanutti Stocks remains committed to Axsys Projects’ continued growth – published in Sizimisele Vol 3 2016

Axsys Projects was founded in October 2011 by successful property development entrepreneur and corporate executive Halga Ninow-Cohen. Her vision was to establish a fully-fledged black female… [read more]

Axsys Projects’ confidence and capability grows – published in Sizimisele Vol 2 2015

“Our vision is to become one of the most significant black-owned construction companies in the country,” says Axsys Projects chief financial officer Mahen Naidu – and… [read more]